Sustainability - Evergreen Office Spaces
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Sustainability is at the core of our business, and as a result,

all of our projects are completed with the objective of zero-waste.

 We are focused on building a more sustainable future.


The core of our business is based on reusing high-quality used office furniture. It’s great for the environment and saves your company money!


Besides office furniture, we receive a variety of office supplies and office-related items, such as stationary, miscellaneous electronics, and much more. We resell, reuse, donate or recycle all of the items that come into our warehouse.


We are mindful of how vehicle exhaust affects our air quality. We keep our carbon emissions low by planning our trips and using Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) to breakdown dangerous emissions into harmless nitrogen and H20.

We recycle…

When clearing out your office, our goal is to keep all recyclable items out of the landfill. If it can be recycled, we can recycle it! We recycle soft plastic, hard plastic, mixed paper, cardboard, styrofoam, foam, clean wood, cans and bottles, organic waste, metal, wires, batteries, electronics, appliances, light bulbs, media (CDs & tapes), toner and ink and stationary products.