About us

Founded in 2013, we saw a need for an environmental office furniture company when we noticed tons of perfectly good quality office furniture was being thrown away by our competitors. Knowing that most businesses want to save money on their office furniture to grow their business, we needed to be part of the solution.

We are a one-stop office services company specializing in used, refurbished, and custom office solutions at a fraction of the price of new. With approximately 98% of materials being diverted from the landfill, Evergreen Office Spaces is the only office furniture company in the Lower Mainland close to achieving zero waste.

We care about people, our work, and the environment. There is no company quite like ours and we are proud of that!


The environment is our responsibility.

Preserving Natural Resources
The more products that are reused, the less energy and natural resources are needed to create new products.  

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint
By organizing and planning our jobs and truck routes, we spend less time on the road reducing the amount of air pollution. 

Reducing Waste
It is important to us to reuse all furniture and items we receive whenever possible. If we receive any items that are at the end of their lives, it is important to us to recycle responsibly.

Repurposing Furniture
We specialize in repurposing and reselling office furniture that isn't quite at the end of its life yet. The longer they stay in use, the less energy and resources are needed to make new products.

Our Services

Used Office Furniture

We specialize in used, refurbished, and custom workspace solutions for a fraction of the price of new.

Work From Home Solutions

Our goal is to help you create your ideal home office space. Visit our showroom today for all your home office furniture gear.

Removal & Recycling

We offer a range of office services including removal to reuse, resell, or dispose of with the environment always in mind.

Corporate Moving

Whether you’re moving from one building to another or one desk to another, we have the trucks, equipment, and expertise to seamlessly complete your move.

Delivery & Installation

We offer delivery, assembly, and installation services of various office furniture. No job is too small!

Space Planning & Design

We can walkthrough your office space, create a new plan together, and creatively achieve your vision.

Furniture Rentals

We provide weekly or monthly furniture rentals to corporate businesses and film & television.


We provide corporate storage solutions at our warehouse facility in the Lower Mainland. Contact us to learn more!

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