Save your money and the environment by shopping used.

We offer quality used office furniture at a fraction of the price of new. Shop online or visit our showroom today to view our furniture selection! 


About Evergreen
We are a one-stop office services company specializing in used, refurbished, and custom office solutions at a fraction of the price of new. With approximately 98% of materials being diverted from the landfill, Evergreen Office Spaces is the only office furniture company in the Lower Mainland close to achieving zero waste.
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Our Services

Used and New Office Furniture
We specialize in used, refurbished, and custom workspace solutions for a fraction of the price of new

Delivery and Installation
We offer delivery, assembly, and installation services of various office furniture. No job is too small!

Work From Home Solutions
Do you need office furniture or office supplies for your home office? Our goal is to help you create your ideal home office space. Visit our showroom today for all your office furniture gear.

Removal and Recycling
Do you have recycling, unwanted items, or old furniture laying around that you need to be removed? We offer a range of office services including removal to reuse, resell, or dispose of with the environment always in mind.

Corporate Moving and Relocation
Are you moving, downsizing, or closing your location? Whether you’re moving from one building to another or one desk to another, we have the trucks, equipment, and expertise to seamlessly complete your move.

Space Planning
Do you need help transitioning your current office space into a COVID-19 or Work From Home model? We can walkthrough your office space, create a new plan together, and creatively achieve your vision.

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