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We are still here for you.

These are uncertain and challenging times due to the COVID-19 virus pandemic. Whether you need to clear out your office, downsize your office, move your office, store your office furniture temporarily or outfit your home office, we are still here for all your office furniture needs.


We can help you in unique and environmentally friendly ways and our crew is standing by. For everyone’s utmost safety, we are being vigilant to follow the BCCDC health recommendations to stop the spread—this includes wearing masks, frequently washing our hands or using hand sanitizer, wiping down surfaces that we have touched with proper disinfectant and keeping at least 6 feet distance from others.


We care about you and your business, and we are here to help. We can meet with you virtually, via email or phone without any contact at all. Call 604-948-9951 or email contact@evergreenofficespaces.com.


Our goal is to help you create your ideal home office space. Visit our showroom today for all your office furniture needs.


Whether you’re moving from one building to another or one desk to another, we offer the required services to complete your move.


Our company is fully-committed to zero waste offering a range of office services including removal to reuse, resell, or dispose of with the environment always in mind.


We are an office services company specializing in pre-owned workspace solutions at a fraction of the price of new. With approximately 98% of materials being diverted from the landfill, Evergreen Office Spaces is the only office furniture company in the lower mainland close to achieving zero waste.


We care about the future of our planet and our own carbon footprint, which is why we are committed to zero waste. We have partnered with many companies across the lower mainland that share the same values as we do. We work together with our partners to ensure all our furniture is recycled and diverted from the landfill.